Som Aidoo, Courtesy of the Actor/ Artiste

Som Aidoo is a budding Ghanaian-born actor and musician based in Atlanta, Georgia. He has a broad range of talents, ranging from acting to writing and producing his own films and music. He has featured in a number of A-list movies, from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, to Fast and Furious 7 as Tyrese’s stand-in and body double, to Kill The Messenger. Som says he fell into acting by chance. Design233 recently caught up with this young, driven, self-managed artiste, with his infectious smile and positive outlook on life, to chat about his acting and musical alter ego, PhaRo Tha Gr8. Som is a breath of fresh air in an industry that is tough to break into and definitely one to look out for on the big screen in the very near future.

On Differences Between Acting in Stage Plays and Films: “There’s been a greater sense of gratification doing stage plays because it takes more to do them. There’s instant gratification from the audience, from their applause, congratulations and compliments. I get an adrenaline rush from acting in plays. If you can memorize a script and present it convincingly right there and then, that is amazing and not anything to be taken lightly.” - Som Aidoo (August, 2014)

Design233: Acting is Fun-Da-Mental” By Som Cheadleis the quote I have come to associate with you because it appears at the end of your social media posts. What does that quote mean to you and what inspired it?

Som Aidoo| PhaRo Tha Gr8: It started off as a joke. It was a spin-off of the pop phrase ‘Reading is Fundamental’ . When I started acting in 2011 and folks asked me ‘Why now’?, that would be my cheeky response. It had a ring to it and it stuck.