Cape Verde’s newest cultural and creative platform is a floating music hub created by Nigerian architect Kunlé Adeyemi and his firm NLÉ, in partnership with ADS Group– Africa Development Solutions. The Floating Music Hub, as it is officially named (and also known as the Mansa Floating Hub), is situated on the island of São Vicente within the beautiful port city of Mindelo. Regarded as the cultural capital of Cape Verde, Mindelo is known for its music scene, nightlife, and for its Brazil-inspired Carnival celebrations.

The Floating Music Hub consists of three triangular vessels and was built using Adeyemi’s Makoko Floating System, which relies on local materials and traditional building techniques from the informal Makoko community in Lagos. Using a simple prefabricated floating building system, designs within the floating system can be adopted for a variety of purposes, including cultural venues, schools, healthcare facilities, and even housing. The prefabricated floating A-frame structures are built from local wood or other sustainable timbers and have already been deployed in five countries across three continents including Nigeria, Italy, China, and Belgium.