Ato Delaquis (pronounced De-la-kee) is a renowned artist of our time whose art brings to light the clash of ideas and concepts, shown explicitly in the painting strokes of this genius. His works span across 40 decades and more, and are expressed in different media ranging from acrylic painting, graphite, linocut and lithography to screen-printing. He has been described as creating detailed, colormodulated panoramic scenes of Ashanti warriors and vehicular scenes (Overview of Contemporary Visual Art from Ghana by George Hughes).

His fascination with horses is expressed in his paintings of the horn blowers of northern Ghana and Nigeria, riding these majestic animals. Ato Delaquis’ keen eye translates intelligently into his brush strokes, vividly capturing the complex Ghanaian and African landscape layered with histories of trading, slavery and colonization. Yet still, he captures the beauty in the complexities that makes up the proud cultures of the continent. He is a prolific artist, writer and educator, as the last Dean of his alma mater, the College of Art of KNUST before it was merged with the Department of Social Sciences in 2005. This interview delves into his thoughts and mind.