The Imported Ghanaian and its sequel, A Place of Beautiful Nonsense, are must-reads for any African that is able to find humor in self-deprecation. Though it focuses on the Ghanaian, most Africans will surely find bits and pieces of themselves in the satirical works of Alba Kunadu Sumprim.

Alba’s books humorously and concisely trace the emotions most Ghanaian returnees encounter, from their excitement on the plane going “home”, to their ready-to-conquer attitude, to their dismay and panic when reality sets in. Her writing style is a clever, ingenuous piece of work that will have you in stitches by the time you finish reading them. Her clear, concise illustrations inject additional components that bring her writings to life. In The Imported Ghanaian, as GoodReads aptly puts it,each coming back home’ cultural reality weaves her (the subject of the books) through a world where ‘you can never be too sure,’ where ‘an invitation is not exactly an invitation,’ where ‘you have to die to find out how popular your are,’ and where ‘being a Ghanaian and being Ghanaian are often two opposing concepts“.

Design233 thanks Alba for the opportunity to interview her and hope our readers find this interaction as enjoyable as we did.