By Studio Seilern Architects

London-based firm , Studio Seilern Architects, is working on a zero-carbon project for Lagos, Nigeria. Lekki Beach House, designed by Christina Seilern, the principal of the studio, will be a private vacation house on the eastern coast of Lagos City.

The entire structure is designed to sit on a raised platform, setting the stage for long open views towards the sea and manicured gardens. The linear arrangement of spaces, measuring 200 feet long  x 98 feet wide in entirety, will allow easy filtration of light and ventilation. The rolling waves of the sea and the waving branches of the surrounding coconut trees lend inspiration to the building form.

However, Studio Seilern more than takes inspiration from the site for the design form. It intends to harness wind and solar energy for the building,  as well as use the ocean water for cooling. Long sectional timber lamellas will ‘float’ over the structure providing ample shade for the vacation home, further reducing the cooling load.

Cables and timber trusses are attached to the floating lamellas which act as a support for the structure, creating a column-free space beneath, where inhabitants can socialise and entertain. Retractable stairs provide access to the house.

Key entertainment spaces will include a bar, winery, gym, a media entertainment room. At the heart of the central living space will be a remarkable spiral staircase to connect the high ceiling living area to the upper floors. Sitting at the edge of the raised platform will be an infinity pool which will merge the house seamlessly with the sea.


Extracted from www.worldarchitecturenews.com

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