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Being Afro-Austrian is an Academic survey in explaining and suggesting ways to form a multi-cultural society. Abdallah has coined an acronym that could readily take hold of society in the future – PADs (People of African Descent). He has articulated in his writing, the frustration and challenges of said PADs in Austria. Not only does he touch on their frustration, but he goes further to give insight, as to the cause, political nature, origins and thought processes of the individuals or groups that are responsible for creating such an environment for PADs in Austria. He further delves and gives an objective view of the mentality of PADs and their relations and thoughts towards the individuals or groups who have advertently and inadvertently created such an environment.

On one level, the book makes reference primarily to Afro-Austrians. However, most of what was read, applies in good part to all peoples of African descent in the Diaspora.

Theories, thoughts, academic musings and philosophical opinions relating to people of African descent, the origins and cause of their plight and suggested solutions or courses of action are amply stated in this piece. Salisu challenges Austrian PADs to take an introspective look at themselves, take risks and sacrifice for future generations, challenge the status quo, think long term, think outside the box and “establish structures with legal basis in Austrian constitutional provisions”. These are but a few of the author’s suggestions.

This is a book that will expand your knowledge and quite frankly give you pause to reflect. For those of us in other parts of the Diaspora outside Austria, you may find answers to some question that you may have had with respect to treatment based on race and social stature.

All in all, a good educative read for followers on our site.

We end this review with a quote from “Being Afro-Austrian”, that we can all reflect on;

Politics is interest laden. When you cannot defend your own interests, especially when as a group, your number is insignificant to decide the fate of elected officials or as a continent, you appease colonial powers, what happens to Africans both on the continent and abroad in the Diaspora in places like Austria is what happens to you. You will have no credibility; neither socially, economically, nor politically. You become an object of pity and hatred at the same time, a scapegoat for being the sole architect and cause of all societal malignancies; it will be easy for people to want to strip you of your dignity and self esteem

Abdallah Salisu.

BEING AFRO-AUSTRIANis available on Amazon.

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